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Restaurant Software

Normal Billing and/or Group Billing including all services like Food Bill, Laundry Bill, Telephone Bill, Mini Bar Bill, Restaurant Billing and Room Service Bill.

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Restaurant Management Software

Hotel management software has a touch screen point of sales system for Bars and Restaurants. Swipe card log in is used for speed and security. Bar tabs can be accessed from any terminal. Handheld devices can be used to take restaurant orders which can then be printed immediately in the kitchen. There is a simple facility to split a tab between multiple guests and the system can accepts payments in a mixture of cash, credit cards or charged against a room. Stock levels are updated automatically and the guest sales history is stored for later use in marketing and reporting.

One of the most popular means of entertainment or relaxation is to go to a restaurant. When customers have a good experience at your restaurant it ensures more referrals and good reviews. A restaurant that provides the customers the best combination of food and services wins approval all the time. With the growing usage of social media and the way people dine/eat; the competition to survive is really intense.

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Yashraj Restaurant Management Features

Bill Entry / KOT Entry / Total Sales in Single Screen

  • Department wise KOT (optional) & Bill printing on Paper Roll or on Pre-Printed Stationery
  • Party wise Purchase/Return Register
  • Store Issue / Return / Wastage Report
  • Table wise, Steward wise, Cashier wise & Hourly Sales Summary
  • Food Bill / Bar Bill wise KOT / Cancel Order Report
  • Supports use of a cook's monitor at each cooking station with a bump button and cook's ticket printing capabilities.
  • Automatically add additional charges
  • Allows the manual entry of daily sales, used primarily by Restaurants who use hand written tickets.
  • Supports Table Management.
  • Supports Reservations.
  • Supports Quick Sales For Quick Bar Entries
  • Department wise KOT (optional) & Bill printing on Paper Roll or on Pre-Printed Stationery
  • Supports Happy Hour Pricing.
  • Supports Additional Pricing Options
  • Supports Placing Tickets On Account For Customers.
  • Supports Placing Tickets On Account For Customers.